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for skinny guys that

want to bulk up


(complete with nutrition plans and easy to follow training plans)


I’m Sam Baldwin

Personal Trainer, Online Transformation Coach & Former Skinny Guy

I help skinny guys to conquer their fast metabolisms WITHOUT gaining fat or spending a fortune on supplements

Don’t just follow, learn how it’s done.

Through this process, I will teach you WHY we do what we do.
So you can understand the fundamental principle and eventually take your training into your own hands
From nutrition, to training, to motivation and consistency – this programme has you covered.

This programme gives you everything you need.

  1. Access to my proven B3 system ‘My Plan’ with everything you to do in and out of the gym to create your dream body in record time
  2. Unlimited 24/7 support from myself, Sam Baldwinso you can get help whenever you get stuck or have questions
  3. Learn ‘Why’ as well as ‘What’ needs to be done with our education element, you will have the tools to take your journey to the next level
  4. Accountability through weekly check-ins so we can make sure the programme is working from you at all times
  5. Access to my private members-only Facebook community so you can meet like-minded guys who are on the same journey as you

Everything you need to conquer your fast metabolism and shed the skinny guy persona!

But don’t just take it from me…

This is Greg…

When I started the programme I was a complete beginner, no gym experience whatsoever.


I was totally lacking confidence and never wanted to take my shirt off in summer – which is hard when you live in Australia!

I have been doing the programme for just under 6 weeks and have already gained 5.5kg (in the right places!). I’ve noticed changes in my body with muscles growing that I didn’t know I had and just generally filling out.


My family and friends have started noticing too, the compliments do wonders for my confidence.

I can’t wait to see the final outcome of my body transformation!”

Member Testimonials

“When I started training with Sam I was actually very underweight, struggling to stay above 50kgs and although I am only 5ft 5, I still looked so skinny and weak all the time. All my clothes are baggy and never look right

I had tried training very hard but never felt like I was doing the right thing and had no idea how to eat properly either

Sam told me exactly the exercises I need to do and the food I need to eat. It’s been so easy and my muscles have grown more than ever

Altogether I have gained 7kg and am starting to see muscles pop up where I never thought I had them and I know what to do to keep going 

The best thing is that my girlfriend and my friends have started to notice that I am going to the gym, when they never mentioned it before”

Benco Chan

“Sam is the man!

Before I started my training with Sam. I pretty much had no clue about reaching my goals or technique for workouts.

Right after starting my course with Sam, I have the foundation of knowledge on my requirements for calories consumption, using gym equipment and the right methods for workouts.

In addition to that, Sam is always there to guide you in every step and motivates you to achieve your goal 🙌🏻” Joel Chen

“Sams programme has been nothing but great!

He always makes sure I’m doing things right.

He truly knows what he’s doing and there’s nothing bad I can say about him or his programme.

He knows exactly how to help you to achieve your goals and is really creative about it. If you’re looking for a coach, Sams definitely the man and the B3 programme is definitely the plan! 💯” Qistina Fifienna